About Napps

Napps is an online hairdressing marketplace for afro and curly hair. We bring hairdressers and thousands of clients looking for hair services in one place. Making hair and beauty booking easily accessible for everyone.

Brand Values


Celebrating the beauty, versatility and uniqueness of all hair textures.


Your best interest at heart. We promise professional services and smooth user experience


Collaborating with real people, real beauty and real skills.

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Our Brand Story

Founded in 2019, Napps began as a solution to fill in the hair gap within the market.

The reality of having afro-textured hair in a world that is still set to one standard of beauty is a struggle. The limited access to hairdressers, hair care, as well as the lack of representation on the high street led to an idea that creates space for all kinds of curls.

Rather than conforming, we celebrate all kinds of afro-textured hair and empower people to embrace their beauty. No matter where you are in the world, we’ve got hairdressers happy to style your hair.

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