How to Master Short Box Braids Yourself in three easy steps!

For those who get bored and want to switch it up…

Box braids are cute and practical, but what happens when you get bored with them – do you take them out? The lockdown has taught us witty and creative ways on getting our beauty needs met at home. You can revamp your long box braids into short box braids in three steps. Keep reading and get a cute new hairstyle in less than an hour.

You may love the swish and the feeling of sitting on your luxious long braids, but after three weeks of the same hairstyle, it can get a bit boring. The boredom during this lockdown and having no access to hairdressers, shouldn’t stop your creative juices flowing.

Are you bored with your long box braids?

Before taking your braids out, why not consider transforming them into short box braids? Short box braids relieve the heavy tension and weight on your hair, it can also be restyled with beads or rubber bands giving you a sleek look – like long box braids, just cuter.

What you’ll need:

  1. Sharp scissors
  2. Straighteners
  3. Rubber hair bands

First, measure up to your desired new length, grab your scissors and cut as horizontally as possible.

TIP: When cutting, go either one or a few at a time to make sure they’re all a similar length!

Grab a pair of straighteners and place the tip of your braid in between the heat panels and squeeze them together for about 3-5 seconds.

TIP: When cutting, go either one or a few at a time to make sure they’re all a similar length!

Gently pinch the end of your freshly softened braid into a round tip.

VOILA! There you have it… short box braids! A whole new look for your work calls and the weekend ahead – this will have you feeling all brand new!

“And what about the rubber bands?”, You ask…

Without straighteners, you can still achieve this fun D.I.Y look with some mini rubber hair bands. After trimming down your braids, simply use the bands to secure the individual braids at their ends. You’re done!

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