How to use Napps App

You’re a tap away from a hairstylist nearby!

Never worry about finding a hairstylist that is good for you and your hair again. Learn how to book your next hair appointment on Napps.


1. How to Book

Search by hairstyle, treatment, hairdresser or location and explore services and hairdressers available.

Double-tap on the month and pick a date and time convenient for you and tap schedule booking to send your request to your hairdressers or salon.

Once accepted, you’ll get notified to make a 25% deposit to secure your seat. The rest you’ll pay on the day of the appointment.


2. Add to Favourites

You can save your next hairstyle or hairdresser to your wish list by tapping on the love emoji on services. View all your favourite hairdressers and hairstyles on your profile.


3. How to Save App

You can quickly access bookings from your phone home screen. For iOS users, go to, tap the arrow box icon at the bottom and then tap on Add to Home Screen. We have hairdressers popping up every day, so keep your eyes on Napps.


3. How to get help

You can find questions and answers about our app on the FAQ’s tab. If you need help, please see more answers below or feel free to give us a shout via DM @nappsworld.


More on FAQ’s

Our BETA mobile app is a booking request system. You can book a request for an appointment at a salon or hairdresser listed on our app, your request will go through to the hairdresser who will accept your request depending on availability. You will get a notification once the booking has been accepted, where you can chat with the hairdresser or leave a message.

Yes, you can cancel anytime or reschedule 48 hours before your appointment. If you still can't make your appointment, you can cancel and book a new date/time. No extra fees or hidden costs.

We take deposits for all services on our platform, which is 25% of the total service price. This is required to secure your seat and confirm booking, you'll only need to pay the rest on the day of your appointment.

No, deposits are non-refundable. We appreciate our hairdressers time and work and cover their losses due to cancellations and no shows.

Please be on time to avoid disappointment. If you're running slightly behind on time, please inform the hairdresser/salon via chat in-app. Otherwise, your appointment will automatically be cancelled 30 minutes after the set appointment time, unless the hairdresser /salon has agreed to wait for your arrival.

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