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A few days ago, Pinterest sent me an email highlighting the forecasting beauty trends for 2021 based on the previous year’s searches. There was a 150% increase in searchesfor knotless braids, a 135% increase in searches for bubbles plaits, and an annual increase for braids with a fade. People are looking for styles that require less heat, reduce the tension on their natural hair, and simultaneously ensure they are on-trend.

To call 2020 an emotional roller-coaster would be a colossal understatement. With the pandemic affecting everything and an abundance of uncertainty being the only thing on the menu this year. During the first UK lockdown, most of us at Napps were enjoying our break from university assignments (those of us who are still students!), binge-watching series, and not worrying about the state of our hair. It was bliss. Looking back, we should have used that time to step out of our hair-comfort zones and try new styles, new colours, new lengths, even! If there was ever a time to do so, we agreed that it was 2020.

Based on a content analysis of selfies on social media, reading plenty of beauty and lifestyle magazines, and countless hours perusing the Instagram explore page, Napps has curated a list of Top 10 natural and protective hairstyles that we believe will dominate 2021.

1.Fulani Braids

Could there be a more perfect hairstyle for summer? We don’t think so. Fulani Braids, named after the Fulani tribe who reside in a handful of nations in West Africa and the Sahel regions, are a gorgeous, low-maintenance Summer look for 2021. Fulani braids are intricately designed cornrow patterns against the scalp that flow into longer, single strands. The braids can fall to any length you’d like and are often beautifully adorned with wooden beads or metal clasps at the end. They are perfect at highlighting key features of the face that should always (and literally) be highlighted —like high cheekbones and strong brow bones.

One huge benefit of the Fulani Braid Hairstyle is that the style of the braids makes the application of moisturizer and hair oils much easier (just grab a bottle with an applicator lid and follow the lines!). A low maintenance style that will give you the aura of a West African royalty? Yes, please!


2.Goddess Braids

This flirtatious look is reminiscent of the good ol’ days of Pick ‘n’ Drop braids (You know the look we’re talking about). The one where you’d have hair extensions installed to the end of where your natural hair ended and the extension was left to free-fall from where your natural hair stopped. The look was a whole mood during the ’90s and early 2000s (No one did Pick ‘n’ Drop like Ms. Raven Baxter) and the sudden streaming of throwback ’90s/early 2000s comedy shows such as Girlfriends and Moesha has re-captivated the appeal of the whole look. Goddess braids are basically the older sister of Pick ‘n’ Drop braids— they’re longer, more glamourous, and come to the family gathering looking unapologetically better than everyone else!

Throughout 2020, we saw this hairstyle takeover both out Instagram explore page and Pinterest feed so if you’re looking to jump on the Goddess Braids train, then simply book with Napps! Oluyemi, one of our extremely talented stylists, will help you get this gorgeous look in 2021.


3.Long Braids

What can I say about long box braids that hasn’t been said before?! They take too long to do, they get caught on everything, they’re high maintenance, they take forever to take out? None of that matters, because once your hair lady finishes up with the last braid, fetches the hot water, and on your way out you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. That’s when you know you’re definitely taking the long way home because it would be a travesty to not let the world see how good you look! The best thing about box braids is the ability to glam them up— a high pony with gold hoop earrings— or style them to match your running-errands outfit —cute space bun.

They’re a classic look among the Afro/Caribbean hair community and it’s not hard to see why. And now, the popularity of long box braids leaves nothing to be desired- a classic protective hairstyle with the bonus of dramatic length? At Napps, the fabulous Sandra Rule creates beautiful box braids to your preferred length.


4. Short Box Braids

As we mentioned previously, braids are a favourite go-to because of the versatility of the styles you can create with them- particularly with long braids (Space buns, High Ponies, half up/half down), but sometimes you just want something new and easy. If that’s the case, then the Braided Bob is the way to go. And who better to go to than Napps to find someone who can effortlessly create this look? Hair By Cora, a mobile stylist at Napps can help you create this same look, which we thought would be the most amazing look in the Autumn of 2021. Try and picture it: You, dressed in a rustic orange Autumn coat, brand new Chelsea boots, these braids (with gold accents in your hair), and a Spiced Chai in your hand. You look good, right?


5. THE BUBBLE Ponytail

One day someone took a long look at the classic high ponytail and asked, “How can we make it even more fun?” and thus, the Bubble Pony Tail was born. This is a hairstyle that’s been gracing both Pinterest and Instagram, on influencers in backless dresses and we are LIVING FOR IT! The look demands attention with its length and fun shape. And what’s more, it’s such an easy way to look expensive without breaking the bank. The Kanekalon hair is brushed and then thread or hair ties are used to divide the hair into sections in a downwards motion. The sections of hair are then pulled to form evenly shaped “bubbles” and then the extension is secured onto your natural hair. Now just slick those edges, grab the biggest, most bejeweled earrings you own and practice Beyonce’s iconic hair flip pose until you get it right!


The Finger Waves hairstyle is the perfect homage to the roaring ’20s’ glitz and glamour that will want you playing the lead in yet another Great Gatsby revival. An iconic look from the 1920s straight through to the early 1930s and was re-popularised and was adjusted to suit the hair texture and shorter length of African-American women in the 1990s. Since then, we’ve been graced with photos of Missy Elliott, Queen B, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, and Zendaya rocking this sleek and stylish look. The style is a personal favourite at Napps because it is one of those hairstyles that looks like it took an army of stylists and an arsenal of products and tools when in reality, all you’ll need is a small-toothed comb, styling foam, and a steady hand!

Finger waves are a sure-fire way to inject a high level of old Hollywood glam into short hair and much like Fulani braids will draw out certain facial features. Pair this look with a bold matte red lip, strong ‘brows and some gold hoops- I mean is there a better aesthetic than a 90’s look?

7. The shoulder-length bob

Have you ever noticed in movies and TV, the most fabulous of fabulous characters are always rocking this look? Ms. Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Taraji P. Henson from (Empire), just to name a few. “Why?”, you ask. Because this look means business. It is a sophisticated and flattering hairstyle that’s perfect for all those online presentations and briefs you’ll have during the lockdown. Silk press are also a great way to achieve a sleeker look with your hair without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals. If you’re looking to rock this gorgeous hairstyle for a prolonged period of time, why not book Sandra Webb-another fabulous stylist at Napps. Sandra specialises in Silkpresses and will have your Shoulder-length bob looking healthy and full of volume.

On the other hand, if you’re not quite ready to yield the power of this look full-time (it’s okay, we understand- with great power comes great responsibility), then book with The Golden Touch Salon who customise and install wigs.


8. Bantu Knots

Hail, yet another staple hairstyle of the 90’s- The Bantu Knot. The word “Bantu” comes from the Zulu people of South Africa, where the style originates from and translates to “People”. The Bantu Hairstyle is achieved by sectioning off the hair, twisting it down to the root in such a way that creates a spiraled knot. For security purposes, you can use a bobby pin to fasten each knot (a useful trick to do if you plan on having them on overnight). One of the best things about Bantu Knots is the 2-in-1 hairstyle surprise. Once unraveled, the Bantu Knot hold your hair was in will leave your hair in soft, defined curls that, with a little finger-combing, will look like a hairstyle that took hours to do when in reality it was only 20 minutes This style is perfect for anyone looking to look cute whilst keeping their “no heat” New Year’s resolution.

9.Faux Locs

One thing about Faux Locs is that they suit everybody so it’s no wonder that it was such a popular look during Summer 2020. Like Goddess Braids they give an ethereal-bohemian aesthetic that has been flooding Pinterest hair-inspo boards. Faux Locs can be installed one two ways: The Marley or Kanekalon hair extensions are attached to pre-braided sections of the natural hair or, cornrows are plaited into the natural hair and the extensions are attached through the Crochet method with a latch hook. The former method can take anywhere between 4-10 hours depending on the length and weight of the extensions but provides a more authentic look of dreadlocks compared to the crochet method, hence why it takes longer and is the more expensive option. Faux Locs can stay in for as long as 6 months, saving a lot of time and energy on switching up styles, it gives your hair a break from frequent manipulation, and what’s more, the longer they stay in, the better they look! A foreign concept when it comes to protective styles!

Now, bear in mind maintenance will be a little more demanding by ensuring your hair stays moisturised since the weight of the locs themselves may cause some tension. Our advice is to spray the locs with a nourishing leave-in spray every once in a while to keep them moisturised and looking fresh. Our wonderful Sandra Rule at Napps installs Faux Locs for anyone curious to try this look.


10.Curly Fringe (70’s Bangs)

In our opinion, the only era that could give the ’90s a run for its money in respect to style is of course the ’70s. The high-waisted flare jeans (which are making a much-welcomed comeback), the paisley and floral patterned, well…everything.The ’70s gave us Disco and Funk music, so it was only right that when everybody got on the floor to dance the Hustle, the hair (and clothes) followed the dancer’s lead. Back then was all about volume, movement, and framing the face. Just take a look look at the Jackson 5’s ‘Fros, the curtain bangs, and the layered Shag hairstyles. This era was all about fun and that’s exactly why this style made it into the list. This is a perfect look for people with 2C hair-type who want to find a hairstyle that will perfectly frame their face and will add structured volume. Curly bangs are the best to bounce (literally) through 2021, then go ahead and book Twist Salon on the Napps app

The Twist Salon, run by Vitalijus, specialises in S-shaped and loose curl hair textures- oh did we mention that you get a complimentary glass of Champagne? Just because it isn’t the ’70s anymore doesn’t mean we still aren’t all about the fun!


“Sew-in weaves are back…”

We, at Napps, heard a rumour that an old friend is making a strong comeback. The Sew-in Weave is another classic hairstyle that gives effortless glamour to anyone who wears it. For anyone unfamiliar with this hairstyle (although we’re sure you won’t be), it begins with your natural hair being braided into cornrows and then using a curved needle and thread to strategically sew in bundles of hair extensions. This look has all the glitz and glamour of customised wigs, but with a lot more security and a lot less glue!

One of the greatest elements of the Sew-in weave is the cornrows created in your hair before the sewing begins. Cornrows are a protective style in their own right and help lock in your hair’s moisture increasing it’s strength and, subsequently, growth! If you’re feeling nostalgic for this hairstyle, go ahead and book with Bola through Napps.

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So there you have it, 10 (*11) hairstyles we expect to see on the highstreet, on our social media feeds, and hopefully our mirrors throughout 2021. If you see a style that you piqued your curiosity, why not head over to our app and you’ll be able to browse the many styles created by our talented and proffessional stylists.


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