Top Natural Hairstylists in South London, UK

Written and kindly-cherry picked by Sylvia Njoki

Afro and curly hair types are so versatile but looking for an Afro and curly hairdresser is not always easy to find. So it’s only right that we, at Napps, give you the best natural hair stylists who know how to style your hair.

London is an extravaganza of diversity with people from all different cultures who deserve representation and access to their beauty needs. With that said, not everyone has it easy, particularly Afro and curly-haired people who find accessing beauty services can often be inconvenient and unnecessarily stressful.

Too often, people with textured hair experience challenges trying to find a hairdresser, let alone book a hair appointment that is convenient for them.

If you ask me, I’ve suffered through it all! The 2-week waiting period, the three bus commute, the extra hidden charges, and the worst one— waiting for the hairdresser to finish their last client, even though I got there on time!

With everything else going on like school, work, friends, kids and just having a social life, the last thing you need is the hassle of where to get your hair done. If you know and still feel the struggle then Napps is definitely what you are looking for.

Not to worry, Napps is here!

Napps is a new hairdressing marketplace where you can find the best hairstylists and hair care products made for your hair type, at your convenience. At Napps, we believe in simplifying the process of connecting people to professional hairdressers specialised in your hair type or hairstyle in the most painless way possible – in as simple as 3 taps on your phone.

The Napp hairdressing booking app will take off in South London, and we are giving you exclusive access to our top natural hair stylists based in the South London area. These amazing hairstylists have partnered with us and will be available to book on Napps App!


Oluyemi is a mobile afro hairstylist based in Greenwich. She works with all hair types and specialises in braiding. Oluyemi does her hair appointments from her home, but don’t let that deter you from booking! There is free residential parking available and, for all those busy parents wondering when they’ll get a spare minute to freshen up their ‘do, she welcomes children to come along to the hair appointments.



Bolas Place

Bola has over 30 years of experience with styling Afro hair and also owns and directs her own hair salon in Catford. Alongside an impressive resume and extensive hairstyle menu, you will be in the right hands and spoilt for choice if you decide to book with Bola. The salon also provides free parking or, for the commuters, is a short walk from the Catford Centre bus stop (opposite Lawrence House).

Hair by Cora

Her name is Cora. We call her the Braid Queen! Small Box braids, Jumbo Braids, Goddess Braids. You name it, she can do it. Even if you don’t live in South London, you won’t have to worry about commuting or buying your own equipment as her fully-kitted hair service is happy to travel to you with any hair tools you might need. All you need to worry about is providing the space in your home for Cora to work her magic.

Tabs Francis at Golden Touch Salon

Did someone say silk press? If so, then the only name that should come to mind is Tabs Francis! An honorary hairstylist at Golden Touch Salon, her transformative silk presses (her specialty) will have you walking down the streets, wind flowing through your hair, as if you’re in a 2000’s RnB music video. Just be sure to shoot a cheeky wink at everyone who double-takes!

Twist Hair Salon

Hair Twist salon is run by Vitalijus who’s niche is working with loose, S-shape curl hair types. Whether it’s a fresh colouring you need or a quick trim, Vitalijus has got you and your curls covered! And with free parking, free Wi-Fi, and a glass of complimentary bubbles on arrival (for those 18 and over!), you might find yourself wanting to stay awhile. This salon is perfect for anyone who struggles to maintain the health of their curls or simply wants to create a fun, new look with them.

Ama Hair Salon

Ama Hair Salon is located in Seven Sisters and is owned by the one and only Ama, an amazing hairstylist, owner of Ama salon and directed by her son, Head Stylist Silus. Ama works with a wide range of hair types and can create anything from intricate cornrows styles to glamorous red-carpet-worthy silk presses. She also works with a diverse range of clients from children to men looking to press the refresh bottom on their braids.

Sandra Webb Hairdressing

Sandra is a fabulous, award-winning stylist, featured in both Pride and Black Hair Magazine. She specialises in silk press cuts and highlights and pixie-cuts. In short, she’s perfect for customers who love to experiment with fun hairstyles and dynamic hair colouring. So if you’re looking for a new and bold for the new year, you know who to book with!

Sandra Rule

Sandra is the QUEEN is versatility and her endless list of stylings is the epitome of “New hair, who this?”. From Faux Locs Twists (if you’re feeling more of an Island vibe aesthetic) to Lemonade-style braids (Shout-out to Queen B), Sandra will have you coming back time and time again. Sandra is based in Woolwich but is happy to commute to you if that better suits your needs. Additionally, she is parent-friendly so don’t be afraid to bring the kids along!

Everything you need at the tip of your fingers (literally)

Napps has curated a list of hairstylists and salons that deliver a variety of afro and curly hair services and a good range of benefits, all in one place for you. Get your hair done at your own convenience and enjoy the best salon experience possible – without compromise. Amazing, right?

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